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The Allegri Singers are willing to loan music that it owns to other choirs.. Cost of hire is based on the Making Music formulae of 5% of the current retail price per copy per month. This does not apply to music taken from the CDPL/IMSLP websites sites, "home-grown" music, or the Peter Warlock photocopies. The hire charge for these is 10p per copy per month. To hire music please contact our Loans Librarian, David Cook (020 8289 5768) (email: ) directly or use our contact form.


ALLBRIGHT, Terence: Three part songs: To a dead vole; Bereaved swan; Never again SATB MS 29 10p 1
AMMON, Blasius Tenebrae factae sunt SATB Mapa Mundi 26 10p  
ARLEN, Harold arr. Stephen A Brown Over the rainbow SATB Computer set 40 10p  
ASH, Sarah ( arr.) Three French carols: Noel nouvelet; Quoi, ma voisine; Nous allons ma Mie SATB/org/ perc MS 39 10p 1
BACH, Johann Michael Halt, was du hast SATB/AATB CPDL 45 10p 1
BACH, Johann Sebastian Komm Jesu Komm BVW 229 SATB X2 CPDL 29 10p 1
BACH, Johann Sebastian Lobet den Herrn BVW 230 SATB/CONT Moseler 39 10p 1
BACH, Johann Sebastian/Nysted Komm süsser Tod / Immortal Bach SATB x 3 p/c 45 10p 1
BAIRSTOW,Edward Let all mortal flesh SATB divsi T&B solo Stainer and Bell 30 9p 1
BARTON, John arr Keith Roberts Teddy Bears picnic SSAATTBB MS 36 10p KR
BARTON, Oliver Oh England SAATBarB MS MusicOLib 35 10p 1
BENJAMIN, Arthur He is the lonely greatness SATB Oxford University Press 30 11p 1
BENJAMIN, Arthur The Mystery SATB Oxford University Press 30 8p 1
BENNETT, Richard Rodney Nowell SATB Novello 38 11p 1
BENNETT, Richard Rodney Susanni (no 5 of 5 Carols) SATB/org Universal Edition 35 25p 1
BERKELEY, Lennox Mass for 5 voices SSATB Chester 4 35p 1
BERKELEY, Michael Easter SATB/org Oxford University Press 34 15p 1
BERLIN, Ivor (arr Keith Roberts) Blue Skies SATB/PIANO/DB MS 45 10p KR
BERLIN, Ivor (arr Ken Naylor) Cheek to Cheek SATB divsi MS 37 10p 1
BERNSTEIN, Leonard (arr Keith Roberts) Maria SATB/PIANO MS 39 10p KR
BRITTEN, Benjamin Carry her over the water ( from Paul Bunyan) SATB Faber Music download 45 2p 1
BRITTEN, Benjamin Chorale SSAATTBB Faber off print 38 12p 1
BRITTEN, Benjamin Christ's Nativity SATB divsi Faber 36 22p 1
BRITTEN, Benjamin Deus in adjutorium SATB Boosey and Hawkes 35 18p 1
BRITTEN, Benjamin Five Flower Songs: 1. Daffodils SATB Boosey and Hawkes 6 9p 1
BRITTEN, Benjamin Five Flower Songs: 2. The Succession of the Four Sweet Months SATB Boosey and Hawkes 9 9p 1
BRITTEN, Benjamin Five Flower Songs: 3. Marsh flowers SATB Boosey and Hawkes 8 9p 1
BRITTEN, Benjamin Five Flower Songs: 4. The Evening Primrose SATB Boosey and Hawkes 9 9p 1
BRITTEN, Benjamin Five Flower Songs: 5. Ballad of the Green Broom SATB Boosey and Hawkes 13 9p 1
BRITTEN, Benjamin Venite exultamus Domine SATB/org Oxford University Press 39 15p 2
BULLARD, Alan Windhover SATB MS 12 10p 2
BULLARD, Tom arr O come Emmanuel   MS 40 10p ?
BURGON, Geoffrey Hymn to St Thomas SSAATTB/ORG/TIMP Chester 43 17p 2
BURGON, Geoffrey I sing of a maiden SSATB IMP/Chappell 40 8p 2
BURGON, Geoffrey Laudate Dominum SSAATTBB/ORG Chester 39 16p 2
BURRELL, Diana Ave Verum (Allegri Singers commission) SATB United Music Publishers 36 20p 2
BURRELL, Diana Benedicam Dominum SATB divsi/org United Music Publishers 35 30p 2
BURRELL, Diana Christo paremus cantica SATB United Music Publishers 32 22p 2
BURRELL, Diana Come Holy Ghost SATB/org United Music Publishers 35 15p 2
BURRELL, Diana Creator of the stars of night SATB/ cor angalis/org United Music Publishers 35 15p 2
BURRELL, Diana Heil'ger Geist in's Himmels Throne SATB/org/perc United Music Publishers 35 80p 2
BURRELL, Diana Hymn to wisdom SATB United Music Publishers 35 17p 2
BURRELL, Diana Two blessings: Wisdom of the serpent be thine; Thy right hand O God SATB Novello 33 15p 2
BURT, Nicholas Advent Responsory: Veni Emmanuel SATB X 2 MS 40 10p 2
BYRD, William Laudibus in sanctis SSATB CPDL 40 10p 2
CALDARA, Antonio ed Bullard Crucifixus a 16 SATB X 4 MS 37 10p 3
CHAPPLE, Brian Miserere Mei ( I of 3 motets) SATB soli SSAATTBB Brian Chapple 35 10p 3
CHILCOTT, Bob Making of the drum marimba part Oxford University Press   32p 3
CLEMENS NON PAPA, Jacobus Ego Flos Campi SSATTBB CPDL 43 10p 3
DAVENPORT, John (pseud Eddie Cooley & Otis Blackwell) arr Keith Roberts Fever SSAATTBB MS 40 10p 3
DAVIES, Henry Walford O little town of Bethlehem SATB RSCM 33 9p 3
DAVIES, Henry Walford King of glory SSATBB/ORG Curwen 22 9p 3
DAVIES, Henry Walford The holly and the ivy SATB RSCM 39 9p 3
DAVIES, Peter Maxwell Ave Maria / Hail blessed flower SATB Novello 39 15p 3
DAVIES, Peter Maxwell Ave Rex angelorum SATB Boosey and Hawkes 39 11p 3
DAVIES, Peter Maxwell Lord's Prayer SATB Schott 35 20p 3
DEBUSSY, Claude arr Tom Bullard La cathedral engloutie SATBB/piano MS 33 10p 3
DEBUSSY, Claude Trois Chansons de Charles D'Orleans SATB Durand 8 18p 3
DUBIN, Al & BURKE, Jow arr. S A Brown Tip toe thru' the tulips SATB with divisi Computer set 40 10p  
DURUFLÉ, Maurice Quatre motets sur des themes gregoriens 2: Tota pulchra es SSA Durand 5 20p  
DOVE, Jonathon As the hart panteth SSAATTBB MS 31 10p 3
ESENVALDS, Eriks Long Road (Tals cels) SSAATTBB, SATB group Musica Baltica 40 11p 3
FARMER, John The Lord's Prayer SATB Oxford University Press 33 8p 3
FARRANT, Richard Call to remembrance SATB CDPL 45 10p 3
FAURE, Gabriel/MESSAGER, André Messe de l'Association des Pecheurs de Villerville SATB/strings flute oboe clarinet harm. MS 24 10p 3
FAURE, Gabriel ed. Rutter Cantique de Jean Racine SATB/org Oxford University Press 4 30p 4
FAURE, Gabriel ed. David Hill Requiem - chamber orchestra edition violin, cello, harp, organ, full score Novello 5 £20.00 4
FINNISSY, Michael Australian Sea Shanties SAB United Music Publishers 47 17p 3
FRANCK, César arr. Geehl Panis angelicus Two part Edwin Ashdown 10 9p  
GABRIELI, Andrea Sento sent'un rumor SSAATTBB CPDL 45 10p 4
GABRIELI, Giovanni Lieto Godea SSAATTBB CPDL 45 10p 3
GARDNER, John Jubilate Deo SATB- divisi Anglo American P./OUP 40 10p 4
GARDNER, John Loveliest of trees (Allegri Commission) SATB MS 36 10p 3
GERSHWIN George (arr Ken Naylor) Love is Here to Stay SATB- divisi MS 36 10p 3
GERSHWIN George (arr Keith Roberts) Summertime SATB/ piano/db MS 46 10p KR
GESUALDO, Carlo Tenebrae Responsories for Holy Saturday:          
GESUALDO, Carlo V: O vos omnes SSATTB CPDL 45 10p 4
GESUALDO, Carlo VII: Astiterunt reges terrae SSATTB CPDL 45 10p 4
GESUALDO, Carlo VIII: Aestimatus sum SSATTB CPDL 45 10p 4
GESUALDO, Carlo IX: Sepulto Domino SSATTB CPDL 45 10p 4
GESUALDO, Carlo Tribulationionam et dolorem SAATB CPDL 26 10p 4
GIBBONS, Orlando ed Fellowes rev Morehen O clap your hands SSAATTBB Oxford University Press 33 16p 4
GIBBS, Alan Benedicta sit Sancta Trinitas SSSATB/org Bardic Edition 35 10p 3
GOODALL, Howard Eternal Light organ/harp/piano/full score Faber   £20.00 4
GOODMAN,Benny (arr Keith Roberts) Stomping at the Savoy SATB/piano/db MS 44 + db   KR
GORECKI, Henri Misereri 10 PARTS Boosey and Hawkes 49 30p 4
GRUBER, Franz (arr Keith Roberts) ed Bullard Silent Night SSAATTB MS 40 10p 4
GUERRERO, Francisco Duo seraphim clamabant a 12 12 parts CPDL 43 10p 4
GUERRERO, Francisco O crux splendidior SATTB CPDL – ed Lilypond 45 10p 4
GUITIERREZ de Padilla, Juan Exsultate iusti in Domino SSAATTBB CPDL ed Charles Giffen 48 10p 4
GUITIERREZ de Padilla, Juan Tristis est anima mea SSAATTB CPDL 16 10p 4
HALL, Jamie W Sleep, my Jesu SATB MS 40 10p 4
HAMILTON, Timothy Angele Dei SATB MS 40 10p  
HAMILTON, Timothy Evening Hymn SATB MS 40 10p  
HAMILTON, Timothy The Lord's Prayer SATB MS 40 10p  
HAMILTON, Timothy Salvator Mundi SATB MS 40 10p  
HANDL, Jacob Rorate coeli SSATBB CPDL 40 10p 5
HARRIS, Matthew Shakespeare songs vol 5: I shall no more to the sea; Come, thou monarch of the vine; O heart; When that was and a little tiny boy SATB Associated Music Publishers 45 20p 4
HOLMBOE, Vagn Hominis Dies SATB divsi Edition Wilhelm Hanson 43 50p 4
HOLMBOE, Vagn A Lyke-Wake Dirge OP 110a SATB soli SSAATTBB Edition Wilhelm Hanson 38 35p 5
HARVEY, Jonathon Angels SATB/SATB Faber 34 18p 5
HOLST, Gustav I love my love SATB Curwen 44 11p 5
HOLST, Gustav Lully mine likening SATB Curwen 40 9p 5
HOLST, Gustav Song of the blacksmith SATB -divisi Curwen 44 13p 5
HOROVITZ, Joseph Endymion SATB/SATB MS/Novello 6 MS / 7 Novello 25p 5
HOWELLS, Herbert Behold O God our defender SATB/org Novello 35 9p 5
HOWELLS, Herbert Here is the Little Door SATB Stainer and Bell 13 13p 5
HOWELLS, Herbert Mag & Nunc - Collegium Regale SATB/org Novello 35 15p 5
HOWELLS, Herbert Mag & Nunc - Gloucester Service SATB/org Novello 34 15p 6
HOWELLS, Herbert Mag & Nunc - St Paul's Service SATB/org Novello 40 20p 6
HOWELLS, Herbert Missa Aedis Christi SATB- divisi Novello 5 35p 5
HOWELLS, Herbert O pray for the peace of Jerusalem SATB/org Oxford University Press 40 9p 5
HOWELLS, Herbert One thing have I desired of the Lord SATB Novello 30 12p 5
HOWELLS, Herbert Requiem SATB/SATB Novello 36 25p 5
HOWELLS, Herbert Spotless rose SATB/ bar solo Stainer and Bell 39 13p 6
IVES, Grayston Listen sweet dove SATB/org Basil Ramsey 34 10p 6
JACKSON, Gabriel O sacrum convivium SSAATB MS 41 10p 6
JOBIM, Antonio Carlos (arr Keith Roberts) La garota da Ipanema (The boy/girl from Ipanema SATB/PIANO MS 43 10p KR
JOHN, Elton arr Keith Roberts Your song SSAATTBB/piano MS 45 10p KR
JOSQUIN DES PRES Ave Maria SATB Barenreiter 35 10p 6
JOSQUIN DES PRES Qui Habitat SATB x 6 CDPL 45 10p 6
JOUBERT, John Torches SATB/org Three Carols from NOBC 34 10p crs
JOUBERT, John Vision and Prayer SATB/ t solo MS 38 10p 6
KELLY, Brian I sing of a maiden SATB – divisi MS 31 10p 6
KIMEK, Jens arr I will give my love an apple SATB bar solo MS 36 10p 6
KODALY, Zoltan Jesus & the Traders SATB Universal Edition 11 21p 6
KUHNAU, Johann Tristis est anima mea SSATB CPDL 48 10p 6
LAMBERT, Constant Rio Grande ( chorus part) SATB -divisi Oxford University Press 12 13p 8
L'ESTRANGE, Alexander Prayers for Peace: God be in my head; Lighten our darkness; The Lord's Prayer SATB -divisi Faber 35 12p 8
LANGFORD, Gordon arr. Bobby Shaftoe SATB- divisi MS 35 10p 7
LANGLAIS, Jean Messe Solenelle SATB/org Editions Schola Cantorum 6 ch pt 60p 7
LASSUS, Orlando Jubilate Deo omnes terra ( Palestrina Sicut servas) SATB Peters edition 38 38 20p 8
LAURIDSEN, Morten Lux aterna organ score Peer Music 1 35p 7

NB: all copies are currently out on loan
O magnum mysterium SATB - divisi

NB: all copies are currently out on loan
Faber Music 50 15p 7
LEIGHTON, Kenneth Crucifixus pro nobis SATB/org/ t solo Novello 41 40p  
LEIGHTON, Kenneth Let all the world in every corner sing SATB/org Novello 34 13p 7
LEIGHTON, Kenneth Of a rose is all my song SATB/ S solo Oxford University Press 38 13p 7
LENNON, John / MCCARTNEY, Paul arr. RATHBONE Blackbird/ I will SSAATTBB MS 26 10p 8
LISZT, Franz Missa Choralis SATB/ ORG Belwin Mills/Kalmus 7 42p 7
LLOYD, Richard All so still SATB Lengnick 35 10p 7
LLOYD, Richard Christ is the morning star SATBdivsi MS 34 10p 7
LLOYD, Richard Drop down ye heavens SATB/org MS 36 10p 7
LLOYD, Richard Hosanna SSATB DIVISI MS 38 10p 7
LLOYD, Richard The windows SATB - divisi MS 38 10p 7
LLOYD, Richard Virtue SATB MS 38 10p 7
LLOYD, Richard Were you there? SATB DIVISI MS 37 10p 7
LOBO, Duarte (ed T Bullard) Pater pecan cliber primus musicorum Antwerp 1621 SSATB MS 38 10p 8
LUTZ, Martin Two love songs: Those lips that love's over hand did make; How oft when though my music SATB MS 22 10p 8
MACMILLAN, James Christus vincit SSAATTBB S soli Boosey and Hawkes 35 17p 8
MACMILLAN, James Seinte Mari Moder Milde SATB/org Boosey and Hawkes 35 35p 8
MATHIAS, William A babe is born SATB/org Oxford University Press 35 11p 8
MATHIAS, William Let all the people praise Thee, O God SATB/org Oxford University Press 41 13p 8
MATHIAS, William May Magnificat SSAATTBB Oxford University Press 48 18p 8
MATHIAS, William Nativity Carol SATB/org Oxford University Press 2 11p 7
MATHIAS, William Rex Gloriae op. 83 Four latin motets: Laetentur coeli;Victimae Paschali; O nata lux; O Rex gloriae SATB divsi Oxford University Press 20 16p 8
MERCER (arr Keith Roberts ) Early Autumn SATB/PIANO MS 37 10p KR
MONTEVERDI, Claudio ed Arnold Adoramus Te SSATTB/cont Oxford University Press 8 15p  
MONTEVERDI, Claudio ed Wolters Ave Maris stella SATB/SATB?continuo Moseler 9 14p  
MONTEVERDI, Claudio ed Stevens Ballo: Movete al mio bel suon Ten solo; SSATB; 2 violins; cello, harpsh. Faber Music 3 vs v1; v2; cello 37p  
MONTEVERDI, Claudio ed Steele Beatus vir SSATTB Novello 4 15p  
MONTEVERDI, Claudio Beatus Vir orch parts ed Rutter v1:3 v2:1 vc:2 Oxford University Press   10p 9
MONTEVERDI, Claudio ed Arnold Cantate Domino SSATTB/cont Oxford University Press 8 14p  
MONTEVERDI, Claudio Domine ne in furore tuo SSATBB CPDL 39 10p 9
MORALES, Cristobal de Asperges me   CPDL – ed Alvarez 45 10p 9
MORALES, Cristobal de Tues petrus SSATB CPDL 39 10p 9
MORALES, Cristobal de Veni Domine (1549) SAATTB CPDL 38 10p 9
MURRILL, Herbert Two songs from Twelfth Night: Come away death;O Mistress mine SATB – divisi Oxford University Press 34 15p 9
NAYLOR, Bernard Of a rose SATB MS 30 10p 9
NAYLOR, E W Vox dicentis:Clama SATB divsi Curwen 10 11p 9
NICHOLAS, Michael (arr) A little child on the earth has been born unison/org MS 35 10p 9
NICHOLAS, Michael (arr) Away in a Manger   MS 13 10p 9
NICHOLAS, Michael (arr) Holly and the Ivy SATB MS 30 10p 9
NICHOLAS, Michael (arr) Holy son of God (Wexford Carol arr) SATB MS 41 10p 9
NICHOLAS, Michael (arr) Prayer of Benedict SATB MS 33 10p 9
NICHOLAS, Michael (arr) Preces and Responses SATB Novello 34 9p 9
NICHOLAS, Michael (arr) T'was in the year that King Uzziah died SATB/ trumpet MS 35 10p 9
NICHOLAS, Michael (arr) Where is this stupendous stranger   MS 32 10p  
NYSTED, Kurt/Bach, J S Immortal Bach ( Komm, susser Tod SATB x 3 p/c 45 10p 1
PACHELBEL, Johann Singet dem Herrn ein naues Lied   CPDL ed Herrman Gottfred 45 10p  
PALESTRINA, Giovanni ed Washington Exsultate Deo SSATB Chester 39 14p 11
PALESTRINA, Giovanni ed Petti Canite Tuba. Rorate Coeli.(Two Advent Motets for Five Voices) SSATB Chester 17 15p 11
PALESTRINA, Giovanni ed Petti Rorate Coeli     18 20p 11
PALESTRINA, Giovanni ed Petti Sicut servus ( with Lassus Jubilate) SATB Peters edition 38 38 20p 11
PALESTRINA, Giovanni ed Petti Stabat Mater Dolorosa (ed. Washington) SATB X 2 Chester 10 35p 11
PALESTRINA, Giovanni ed Petti Stabat Mater Dolorosa (ed. Tom Bullard) SATBx 2 MS 43 10p 11
PARRY, C H H Crossing the bar (Freshwater) SATB CPDL 40 10p 10
PARRY, C H H Songs of farewell SATB/SSAATTBB Curwen 42 30p 10
PART, Arvo Magnificat SSATTB Universal Edition 35 25p 10
PART, Arvo Magnificat Antiphons SSAATTBB Universal Edition 35 40p 10
PART, Arvo St John Passion SATB soli chorus Universal Edition 36 30p 10
PAYNTER, John Nativity   MS 40 10p  
PEETERS, Flor Missa Festiva SATB/org Edition Schwann S13 A11 T6 Bar4 B6 FS1 40p 11
PIAZZOLLA, A ed Tom Bullard Milonga de angel SSAATTBB MS 52 10p 11
PIERPOINT, James Lord arr Roberts Jingle Bells AATTBB MS 25 10p KR
PORTER, Cole (arr Ken Naylor) Night and Day SATB divsi MS 30 10p KR
PORTER, Cole (arr Keith Roberts In the Still of the Night S MS A / piano MS 30 10p KR
PORTER,Cole (arr Keith Roberts) Night and Day (MS) SATB divsi/piano MS 40 10p  
PORTER, Cole (arr. S A Brown) Let's do it SATB Computer Set 40 10p  
POULENC, Francis Chansons Francaises no 5 C'est la petit fill du Prince SATBB Editions Salabert 36 32p 12
POULENC, Francis Mass in G SATB divsi Editions Salabert 8 32p 12
POULENC, Francis O magnum mysterium SATB Editions Salabert 35 12p 12
PRAETORIOUS, Hieronymous ed Keith Roberts Magnificat on the Vth tone with Joseph lieber; In dulci jubilo SSAT/ATBB MS 35 10p 12
PRAETORIUS, Michael ed Bullard Jubilato Domino a 9 SSS/AA/TT/BB MS 45 10p 12
PRAETORIUS, Michael Nun komm der heiden heiland SSAATTBB CPDL 35 10p 11
PURCELL, Henry ed Fortune & Lewis Funeral Sentences SATB/organ Novello 24 15p 12
PURCELL, Henry ed Cummings Jehova quam multi sunt hostes SSATB/org Novello 6 7p  
RAZAF, Andy arr Keith Roberts In the mood SATB/PIANO MS 35 10p KR
ROBERTS, Keith Lamentation SATB divsi MS 45 10p KR
ROE, Betty Holly and the ivy SATB Thames 32 11p 13
ROE, Betty Music's Universe: 1:To music to becalm his fever;2: Music; 3;When music sounds; 4;Music's empire 1:SATB; 2:SSA; 3:TTBB; 4:SATB Thames 34 20p 13
ROE, Betty Shadwell stair Sop solo; SATB Thames 34 9p 13
ROE, Betty Sweet Thames flow softly SATB Thames 34 12p 13
ROE, Betty Wassaile SATB/SATB Thames 35 11p 13
RORE,Cipriano de Missa Praeter Rerum Seriem a 7 – Kyrie SSATTBB CPDL 35 10p 12
ROSE, Gregory Bells carol SATB MS 42 10p 12
Manger carol (Allegri commission) SATB MS 39 10p 12
Shepherd's carol (Allegri commission) SATB MS 39 10p 12
ROXBURGH, Edwin A Passiontide carol SATB United Music Publishers 40 17p 12
RUBBRA, Edmund Carol: Star of the mystic east SATB Lengnick 43 12p 12
RUBBRA, Edmund Festival Gloria SSAATTB sop bar solo Lengnick 36 20p 12
RUBBRA, Edmund Missa in honorum S. Domnici Op 66 SATB divsi Lengnick 2 24p 12
RUTTER, John Birthday Madrigals: no.1 It was a lover and his lass SATBarB Oxford University Press 35 11p 12
SAINT-SAENS, Camille Deux choeurs Op 68 no.1Calme des nuits SATB Durand 25 7p 13
SAINT-SAENS, Camille Deux choers op 68no 2Les fleurs et les arbres SATB Durand 45 7p 13
SCHEIDT, Samuel ed Fowler Surrexit Christus hodie SATB/SATB CPDL 29 10p 13
SCHUTZ, Heinrich, ed Schoneich Historia der Gerburt Jesus Christi SSATTB; V1;V2;Viola1/2;cell/bass;flute ½;Clarino ½; fagotto;trombone1/2 Bärenreiter 8 vs 9p  
SCHUTZ, Heinrich, ed Stevens I am the resurection and the life SATB/SATB/continuo Editon Peters 41 11p  
SCHUTZ, Heinrich, ed Stevens Lift up your heads, all ye gates SATB/SATB/continuo Edition Peters 6 27p  
SCHUTZ, Heinrich, ed Steinitz Mein Sohn, warum hast du uns das getan? S C B solo. Mixed chorus Oxford University Press 9 5p  
SEAMAN, Barry Mass The Cutty Wren SSAATTB Oxford University Press 44 10p 13
SEIBER, Matyas Three nonsense songs: There was an old lady; There was an old person of Cromer; There was an old man in a tree SATB Novello 40 10p 14
SEIBER, Matyas Yugoslav folksongs SATB Boosey and Hawkes 39 32p 14
SHEARING, George Songs and Sonnets: Live with me and be my love; When daffodils begin to peer; It was a lover and his lass; Spring; Who is Silva; Fie on sinful fantasy; Hey ho the wind and the rain SATB;SATB;SSATB;SAATBB;SATB divsi; uni;SSATB /PIANO/DB Hindon Music 45 20p 13
SHEPPARD, John ed Roberts Sacris Solemnis SSAATB MS 38 10p 13
SHERWIN, Manning arr Bullard A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square SSAATTB MS 25 10p 13
SIMPSON, Robert Tempi SATB Roberton/MS   30p 13
SPIRITUAL arr Rice Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen SATBB MS 24 10p 12
SPIRITUAL arr Roberts Gospel Train SATB/PIANO MS 37 10p KR
SPIRITUAL arr Roberts Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho SATB/PIANO MS 33 10p KR
SPIRITUAL arr Roberts Steal Away SSAATTBB MS 33 10p KR
SPIRITUAL arr Roberts Swing Low Sweet Chariot SSAATTBB MS 33 10p KR
STANFORD, Charles Villiers Beati Quorum via ( no 3 of 3 motets) SATBx2 Boosey and Hawkes 4 18p 12
STRAVINSKY,Igor Ave Maria SATB Boosey and Hawkes 40 11p 13
STRAVINSKY,Igor Russian Credo (1964) SATB Boosey and Hawkes 38 22p 13
SUMSION, Herbert Te Deum in G SATB/org Novello 35 15p 14
SUMSION, Herbert They that go down to the sea in ships SATB / ORG Addington Press 39 15p 14
Sweelinck, Jan Peter ed Squire Hodie Christus natus est SSATB Novello 19 14p  
TALLIS, Thomas ed Mason Lamentations of Jeremiah part 1 SAATB CPDL 10 10p 14
TALLIS, Thomas ed Roberts Loquebantur variis linguis SSAATBB CPDL 39 10p 14
TALLIS, Thomas ed Bullard Loquebantur variis linguis SSAATBB typeset MS 36 10p 14
TALLIS, Thomas ed Dixon Mass for four voices SATB Joed Music 8 19p  
TALLIS, Thomas ed Nicholas Suscipe ceuaeso Domine SSAATBB MS 33 15p 14
TAVENER, John Funeral Ikos SSATBB Chester 42 15p 14
TAVENER, John The Call SATB Chester 11 14p 14
TAVENER, John The Lamb SATB Chester 40 15p 14
TAVENER, John Ikon of St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne SATTBB Chester 37 14p 14
TAVENER, John Today the Virgin SATB Chester – publisher's MS 35 15p 14
TAVENER, John Hymn to the Mother of God & SSATBBB Chester -publisher's MS   15p  
TAVENER, John Hymn for the Dormition of the Mother of God SSATBB Chester – publisher's MS 36   14
TIPPETT, Michael Plebs Angelica SSAATTBB Schott 4 35p 15
TORME, Mel & WELLS, Robert ed. Skryme The Christmas Song     34 10p  
TORREJON Y VELASCO, Tomas de ed Bullard Desvelado dueno mio S1a S1b T1/ S2 A T2 B MS 32 10p 15
TRADITIONAL arr Bullard Sumer is Icumen in SSAATTBB MS 33 10p 2
TRADIITIONAL arr Comier, Robert (arr) Wayfaring stranger SATB Roberton 39 7p 3
TRADITIONAL arr Musgrave, T Adam lay abounden Children's voices; SATB; piano Novello 45 11p  
TRADITIONAL arr Nelson, Havelock Piper thru' the meadow SATB Boosey and Hawkes 37 10p 9
TRADITIONAL ed Rathbone Gabriel's message SSAATTBB Peters Kikapust Choral services 40 15p 15
TRADITIONAL arr Higgins The Angel Gabriel SSSSATBB MS 39 10p KR
TRADITIONAL arr Roberts Early one morning/ Strawberry fair SATB/PIANO MS 40 10p  
TRADITIONAL arr Roberts O Shenandoah SSAATTBB MS 40 10p KR
TRADITIONAL arr Roberts O waly waly Bar solo SATB MS 36 10p 12
TRADITIONAL arr Robinson C The Infant King Children's voices; SATB; piano Novello 45 14p  
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph Fantasia on Christmas carols cello part Stainer and Bell   21p 14
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph O vos omnes SATB Curwen 32 14p 14
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph Serenade to Music SATB /solo oxford University Press 13 45p 14
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph Wither's Rocking hymn SATB Three Carols from NOBC 34 10p XM
VICTORIA, Tomas de Luis Ave Maria SSAATTBB CPDL -Editado con Lilypond 38 10p 15
VICTORIA, Tomas de Luis ed Jon Dixon Ave Regina coelorum a 5 SAATB Joed Music 12 9p  
VICTORIA, Tomas de Luis Lamentations for Holy Saturday:       10p  
VICTORIA, Tomas de Luis Lectio 1: Heth: Misericordiae SATB CPDL – Tomas Lucis 45 10p 15
VICTORIA, Tomas de Luis Lectio 1: 9 Incipit oratio Ieremiae SSATTB CPDL – Tomas Lucis 45 10p 15
VICTORIA, Tomas de Luis Missa: O quam gloriosum SATB Chester 37 25p 15
VICTORIA, Tomas de Luis ed Bullard Vidi speciosam a 6 SSATTB MS 42 10p 15
VIVALDI, Antonio, ed Maderna Beatus Vir RV 597 SATB/SATB
Orchestra Set
Ricordi 3 15p
WALTON, William Coronation Te Deum SSAATB/ORG Oxford University Press 12 44p 15
WALTON, William Make we joy now in this fest SATB Three Carols from NOBC 34 10p XM
WALTON, William Set me as a seal SATB Oxford University Press 38 8p 15
WALTON, William The Twelve SATB Oxford University Press 5 42p 15
WARLOCK, Peter Adam lay ybounden (pc) S soli; SATB Oxford University Press 33 10p  
All photocopies (pc) provided by Warlock Society for recording of Frostbound Wood Ah, my dear son (pc) SSA Oxford University Press 20 10p  
As dew in Aprylle (pc) SATB Boosey and Hawkes 35 10p  
Bethlehem Down (pc) SATB Boosey and Hawkes 33 10p  
Benedicamus Domino (pc) SATB Boosey and Hawkes 33 10p  
The Birds arr TOMLINSON (pc) SATB MS 34 10p  
Carillon, Carrila (pc) SATB/org Novello 35 10p  
Cornish Carol (pc) (Kan Kernow) SATB thames 34 10p  
Cornish Christmas Carol (pc) SATB Boosey and Hawkes 34 10p  
Five lesser joys of Mary (pc) SATB/org Novello 34 10p  
First mercy (pc) SSA Winthrop Rogers 21 10p  
I saw a fair maiden (pc) SATB Oxford University Press 35 10p  
Out of the Orient crystal skies (pc) SATBB Oxford University Press 35 10p  
Rich cavalcade (pc) SATB Thames 32 10p  
Song for Christmas Day (arr Tomlinson) (pc) SSS MS 20 10p  
Three Carols (Tyrley tyrlow; Balulalw, Sycamore tree) (pc) SATB Oxford University Press 22 10p  
What cheer? Good Cheer? (pc Unison/org nk 36 10p  
Where is riches everlasting (pc) Unison/org nk 30 10p  
WALKER, Robert Introit (Theology) SATB MS 37 10p 16
WARREN, Harry (arr Ken Naylor) Lullaby of Broadway SATB divsi MS 36 10p 16
WEAKLEY, A (arr)Tom Bullard Botany Bay SSAATTBB MS 36 10p 16
WEELKES, Thomas ed Warner/Bray Alleluia. I heard a voice SATBB Oxford University Press 50 11p  
WEELKES, Thomas ed. Brown, Collins, Le Huray When David heard SSAATB Stainer and Bell 10 9p  
WEIR, Judith Illuminare Jerusalem SATB/org Novello 40 10p 16
WELLS, Bob & TORME, Mel arr. SKYRME, Gary The Christmas Song: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire SATB MS 34 10p  
WHITACRE, Eric I thank you God SATB Walton Music 47 10p 16
WHITACRE, Eric Sleep SATB Walton Music 48 10p 16
WHITE, Robert ed Roberts Christe, Qui Luxes SATBarB MS 30 10p 16
WILBYE, John ed Fellowes / Dart Draw on, sweet night SSAATB Stainer and Bell 11 11p  
WILLAERT, Adrian Mirabile mysterium SSAATTBB CPDL ed Marchesano 36 10p 16
WOOD, Charles Hail gladdening light SATB x 2 Ascherberg, Hopwood 5 10p 15
YOUNG, Victor arr Keith Roberts Love letters SmsA MS 26 10p KR
JACQUES, R & WILLCOCKS, D Carols for Choirs. Book One   Oxford University Press 7 not for hire  
WILLCOCKS, D & RUTTER, J Carols for Choirs. Book Two   Oxford University Press 10 not for hire  
WILLCOCKS, D & RUTTER, J Carols for Choirs. Book Three   Oxford University Press 1 not for hire  
ARCHER, M & RIDOUT, A Carols old and new   Kevin Mayhew 35 85p  
  The English anthem collection Vol 1 (ed Helen Burrows)   RSCM 37 50p  
  Three Carols from The Shorter New Oxford Book   PC 34    
  of Carols: Walton Make we joy; Vaughan Williams          
  Wither's Rocking hymn; Joubert Torches