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Nov 16, 2019
Arnold Bax This Worldës Joie (Nov 09, 2019) (Nov 20, 2004) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
Benjamin Britten Hymn to St Cecilia (Nov 09, 2019) (Jul 11, 2015) (Apr 01, 2006) (Nov 21, 1998) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
William Harris Faire is the Heaven (Nov 09, 2019) (Jul 12, 2014) (Apr 09, 2011) (Mar 27, 2010) (Nov 20, 2004) (Oct 13, 2001) (Mar 17, 2001) (Sep 26, 1998) (Oct 28, 1995) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
Gustav Holst The Evening Watch (Nov 09, 2019) (Apr 01, 2006) (Apr 03, 1993) (Oct 17, 1992) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
Herbert Howells Take him, earth, for cherishing (Nov 09, 2019) (Mar 14, 2015) (Nov 13, 1999) (Nov 02, 1996) (Oct 17, 1992) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
Edward Naylor Vox dicentis: Clama (Nov 09, 2019) (Nov 10, 2007) (Oct 28, 1995) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
Charles Villiers Stanford Beati quorum via (Nov 09, 2019) (Jul 12, 2014) (Apr 09, 2011) (Mar 03, 2011) (Mar 27, 2010) (Apr 01, 2006) (Jun 19, 1996) (Oct 17, 1992) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
John Tavener The lamb (Nov 09, 2019) (Dec 10, 2016) (Dec 13, 2014) (Mar 17, 2001) (Jun 12, 1994) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
Michael Tippett Five spirituals from A Child of our Time (Nov 09, 2019) (Mar 29, 2008) (Oct 13, 2001) (Mar 17, 2001) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Three Shakespeare songs (Nov 09, 2019) (Jul 07, 2012) (May 19, 2001) (Oct 11, 1997) (Jun 12, 1994) (Full fathom five - The cloud-cappe'd towers - Over hill, over dale 09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)
William Walton Set me as a seal upon thine heart (Nov 09, 2019) (Mar 04, 2004) (Feb 14, 2004) (Jul 13, 2002) (Apr 03, 1993) (09/11/2019 as part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival at St Katharine Cree, London)

Jun 29, 2019
John Blow God Spake Sometime in Visions
Pelham Humfrey Lift up your Hearts
Henry Purcell Dido and Aeneas (Nov 09, 2002) (With Baroque orchestra)
Henry Purcell Rejoice in the Lord alway (Jun 27, 2009) (With Baroque orchestra)

Apr 13, 2019
Johann Sebastian Bach St John Passion (Performed in the original German with a small orchestra of players from the Brandenburg Sinfonia, with conductor Stephen Anthony Brown singing the part of the evangelist.)

Nov 18, 2018
Leonard Bernstein Chichester Psalms (Nov 16, 2013) (Mar 12, 2005) (Apr 04, 1992) (Nov 23, 1991)
Timothy Hamilton Requiem (Nov 17, 2018) (Concert with the Rosenau Sinfonia in St Paul's Covent Garden on 17 November 2018 and in Beckenham on 18 November 2018)

Jul 1, 2018
Granville Bantock The Lake at Carrowmore (First performance: the manuscript of this work was rescued by the conductor, Stephen Anthony Brown.)
William Sterndale Bennett Come live with me (Jan 19, 2008)
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Sea Drift Op. 69
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Summer is gone
Edward Elgar As Torrents in Summer
Edward Elgar Owls (an epitaph)
Edward Elgar They are at rest, anthem
Percy Grainger Brigg Fair (arr) (Jul 02, 2011) (Jun 14, 2003) (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert June 2003)
George Macfarren Orpheus with his Lute
George Macfarren When daisies pied (Jan 19, 2008)
Hubert Parry Music, when soft voices die
Hubert Parry Songs of Farewell: There is an old belief (Mar 27, 2010)
Charles Villiers Stanford The Bluebird (Jul 13, 2013) (May 16, 2009) (Jan 31, 2009) (Jan 19, 2008)
Charles Villiers Stanford The Swallow
Arthur Sullivan The Long Day Closes (Jan 31, 2009)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Rest (Jul 11, 2015)
Ralph Vaughan Williams The Turtle Dove (arr) (Jun 23, 2007)

Mar 24, 2018
Giacomo Meyerbeer Pater noster
Claudio Monteverdi Hor ch’el ciel e la terra e’l vento tace
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ave verum corpus
Giovanni Palestrina Stabat mater (arr. Wagner) (Soloists: Claire Jones, Sue Theodoreson, William Gould, Will Kendal, Julie Evans, Olivia Tassell, Ian Jones, Robert Wicke)
Gioacchino Rossini O salutaris Hostia (1857)
Gioacchino Rossini Salve o Vergine Maria
Richard Strauss Fröhlich im Maien (Arranged by Stephen Anthony Brown)
Giuseppe Verdi Ave Maria
Giuseppe Verdi Pater Noster (Sep 22, 1991) (Mar 16, 1991)
Richard Wagner An Webers Grabe (Hebt an den Sang) (Arranged by Stephen Anthony Brown)

Nov 18, 2017
Claudio Monteverdi Vespers (With tenors Greg Tassell and Gareth Edmunds, sopranos Eloise Irving and Chloe Morgan and the Queen's Players early music ensemble with Adrian Woodward)

Jul 8, 2017
Anon Sumer is icumen in (Jul 02, 2011) (Arranged by Tom Bullard)
Harold Arlen Over the Rainbow (Arr. Stephen Anthony Brown)
John Bennet All Creatures Now (Jan 19, 2008) (Jul 15, 1995)
George Gershwin Summertime (Jun 18, 2005) (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Orlando Gibbons The silver swan (Jul 11, 2015) (Jul 15, 1995)
Thomas Morley Now is the month of maying (Jul 11, 2015) (Jun 18, 2005) (Jun 21, 1997)
Cole Porter Let's do it (Arr. Stephen Anthony Brown)
Cole Porter Night and Day (arr. Keith Roberts) (Jun 18, 2005) (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
John Rutter Birthday madrigals (Jan 19, 2008) (May 18, 2002)
Sherwin / Maschwitz A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Jan 31, 2009) (Arranged by Tom Bullard)
Thomas Tomkins Music divine (Jan 19, 2008) (Jul 15, 1995)
Eric Whitacre Cloudburst (With clicks and clapping and other noises by members of the choir)

May 13, 2017
Samuel Barber Agnus Dei (Nov 17, 2012) (Apr 01, 2006)
Samuel Barber Three Songs: 1 Sure on this Shining Night
Samuel Barber Three Songs: 2 To Be Sung on the Water
Samuel Barber Three Songs: 3 Under the Willow Tree
Aaron Copland he boatmen’s dance (Pieces from Old American Songs)
Aaron Copland I bought me a cat (Pieces from Old American Songs)
Claude Debussy Trois chansons de Charles d’Orleans (Feb 14, 2004) (Jun 10, 2000) (Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder! Quand j'ai ouy le tambourin Soloist: Hannah Urbanczyk Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain Soloists: Julie Evans, Kathryn Strachan, Ian Jones, Robert Wicke)
Gabriel Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine (Nov 11, 2006) (Mar 06, 2003) (Jun 12, 1994)
Francis Poulenc Sept Chansons 1. La blanche neige
Francis Poulenc Sept Chansons 2. À peine défigurée
Camille Saint-Saëns Deux Chansons 1. Calme des nuits
Camille Saint-Saëns Deux Chansons 2. Les fleurs et les arbres
Eric Whitacre Sleep (May 16, 2015) (Nov 17, 2012) (Oct 31, 2012) (Jun 23, 2007) (Silvestri)

Feb 25, 2017
Johannes Brahms Liebeslieder-Walzer Op 52 (Jun 19, 1999) (Jun 12, 1994) (With Zita Syme, Greg Tassell and accompanied by Paul Jeanes and Louisa Green, piano (Feb 2017))
Benjamin Britten Choral dances from Gloriana (Jul 13, 2013) (Jun 19, 1999) (With Greg Tassell, tenor, and accompanied by Bethan Semmens, harp (Feb 2017))
Benjamin Britten The Ballad of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (Feb 14, 2004) (Performed by the gentlemen of the choir, accompanied by Paul Jeanes, piano (Feb 2017))
Gustav Holst Hymns from the ‘Rig Veda’ (Performed by the ladies of the choir, accompanied by Bethan Semmens, harp (Feb 2017))

Dec 10, 2016
Hector Berlioz The Shepherds' Farewell
Benjamin Britten A boy was born (Nov 29, 2003)
Jamie W Hall Sleep, my Jesu (Written and performed in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief)
Thea Musgrave Adam Lay Ybounden (For children's voices with adult choir: December 2016 with the Highfield Youth Choir)
Christopher Robinson The Infant King (For children's voices with adult choir: December 2016 with the Highfield Chamber Choir)
William Walton All this time (Dec 13, 2014) (Part of a Christmas Concert)
Peter Warlock Bethlehem Down (Dec 13, 2014) (Nov 15, 2008) (May 01, 1992) (Recording Session)

Nov 19, 2016
Timothy Hamilton Angele Dei (November 2016: first performance outside London. Also sung at Paviors Service Feb 2017.)
Timothy Hamilton Salvator Mundi (November 2016: first performance outside London)
Timothy Hamilton The Evening Hymn (November 2016: first performance outside London)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Requiem (Nov 25, 2001) (November 2016 in memoriam Michael Sherwin, with the Rosenau Sinfonia)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Serenade to Music (Jul 13, 2002) (November 2016 with the Rosenau Sinfonia)

Jul 9, 2016
Benjamin Britten Five Flower Songs (Jun 18, 2005) (Oct 13, 2001) (May 19, 2001)
Gerald Finzi Clear and gentle stream (7 poems of Robert Bridges No 4) (Jun 14, 2003)
Gerald Finzi Haste on, my joys (7 poems of Robert Bridges No 6) (Jun 14, 2003)
Gerald Finzi I praise the tender flower (7 poems of Robert Bridges No 1) (Jul 13, 2013) (Jun 14, 2003) (Oct 11, 1997)
Gerald Finzi My spirit sang all day (7 poems of Robert Bridges No 3) (Feb 14, 2004) (Jun 14, 2003) (Oct 11, 1997)
Gerald Finzi Nightingales (7 poems of Robert Bridges No 5) (Jun 14, 2003) (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Gerald Finzi Wherefore tonight so full of care? (7 poems of Robert Bridges No 7) (Jun 14, 2003) (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Charles Villiers Stanford Magnificat in Bb Op.164 (Nov 30, 2012) (Oct 11, 1997)
Ralph Vaughan Williams The Spring Time of the Year (arr) (Jul 02, 2011)
Eric Whitacre I hide myself (Three Flower Songs - No 1)
Eric Whitacre i thank You God for most this amazing day (Nov 17, 2012) (Jun 23, 2007) (Poem by e.e. cummings)
Eric Whitacre With a Lily in Your Hand (Three Flower Songs - No 2)

Mar 12, 2016
Johannes Brahms Geistliches Lied
Johannes Brahms Warum is das Licht gegeben dem Mühseligen? (Jan 27, 2007) (Mar 27, 2004) (Oct 28, 1995)
Felix Mendelssohn Hear my prayer - O for the wings (Mar 28, 1998)
Josef Rheinberger Abendlied
Josef Rheinberger Cantus Missae (Mass in E flat) (Feb 08, 2003)
Franz Schubert Mass in G (Feb 04, 2012) (May 07, 1997)
Robert Schumann An die Sterne
Robert Schumann Zuversicht

Nov 14, 2015
Johann Sebastian Bach Jesu meine Freude (Feb 01, 2014) (Jun 17, 2006) (Mar 25, 2000) (June 2006: 25 Anniversary Concert, accompanied by the Allegri Consort, Baroque Orchestra)
Richard Farrant Call to Remembrance
Johann Kuhnau Tristis est anima mea (Feb 01, 2014)
Knut Nystedt Immortal Bach
Francis Poulenc Quatre motets pour un temps de pénitence (Apr 12, 2014) (Mar 25, 2000) (Mar 15, 1997)
Tomas Luis da Victoria Officium defunctorum (1605)

Jul 11, 2015
Gerald Finzi Lo, the full, final sacrifice (Apr 09, 2011) (Mar 27, 2010) (Apr 01, 2006) (Nov 11, 2000)
William Harris Bring us, O Lord God (Nov 20, 2004)
Ernest Moeran Songs of Springtime (Jul 07, 2012) (In 2012, just numbers 1, 2, 5 & 6. Titles are: Under the greenwood tree; The river-god's song; Spring, the sweet spring; Love is a sickness; Sigh no more, ladies; Good wine; To daffodils)
Hubert Parry Crossing the bar
Hubert Parry Songs of Farewell: At the round earth's imagined corners (Sep 26, 1998) (Oct 28, 1995)
Thomas Weelkes As Vesta was from Latmos Hill descending (Jun 21, 1997)

May 16, 2015
Ēriks Ešenvalds Long Road (Original title: Tāls Ceļš (lyrics by Latvian poet Paulīne Bārda))
Gabriel Fauré Requiem (Jan 30, 2010) (Nov 20, 2004) (Jun 10, 2000) (Accompanied (in 2010) by Bromley Youth Music Trust. Performance in 2015 was with Fauré's arrangement with harp, violin, cello and organ accompaniment.)
Alex L'Estrange Prayers for Peace (Apr 09, 2011) (The first item in this series was commissioned by Tom Bullard on the occasion of his wedding.)
Morten Lauridsen Ave Maria (Nov 17, 2012) (Jan 28, 2006)
Ed Rex Do not stand at my grave and weep

Mar 14, 2015
Kenneth Leighton Crucifixus pro nobis (Mar 17, 2001) (Apr 01, 1995)
Hubert Parry Songs of Farewell: Lord let me know mine end (Mar 27, 2010) (Oct 13, 2001) (Nov 11, 2000) (Oct 11, 1997)
Heinrich Schütz St Matthew Passion

Dec 13, 2014
Jonathan Dove The Three Kings (Part of a Christmas Concert)
Morten Lauridsen O Magnum Mysterium (Nov 17, 2012) (Oct 31, 2012) (Mar 28, 2009) (Nov 15, 2008)
William Mathias A babe is born (Nov 29, 2003) (Dec 15, 1993)

Nov 15, 2014
Johannes Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem (With Soraya Mafi (soprano) and Marc Callahan (baritone))
Howard Goodall Eternal Light (With Soraya Mafi (soprano), Greg Tassell (tenor) and Marc Callahan (baritone))

Jul 12, 2014
Edgar Bainton And I Saw a New Heaven (Andrew Macmillan (organ))
Edward Bairstow Blessed City, Heavenly Salem (Nov 20, 2004) (Andrew Macmillan (organ))
William Byrd Laudibus in sanctis (Nov 12, 2005)
Jonathan Dove Ecce Beatam Lucem (Andrew Macmillan (organ))
Jonathan Dove Seek Him that Maketh the Seven Stars (Andrew Macmillan (organ))
Orlando Gibbons Hosanna to the Son of David (Andrew Macmillan (organ))
Gabriel Jackson Creator of the Stars of Night (Andrew Macmillan (organ))
Hubert Parry I was glad (Nov 30, 2012) (Sep 26, 1998) (Feb 08, 1997)
Hubert Parry Songs of Farewell: My soul, there is a country (Mar 27, 2010) (Mar 04, 2010) (Mar 03, 2005) (Oct 13, 2001) (Mar 01, 2001) (Nov 11, 2000) (May 07, 1997) (Oct 28, 1995) (Andrew Macmillan (organ))
Charles Villiers Stanford Coelos ascendit hodie (Apr 09, 2011) (Apr 01, 2006) (Jun 19, 1996) (Oct 17, 1992)
Charles Villiers Stanford Justorum animae (Apr 09, 2011) (Apr 01, 2006) (Nov 02, 1996) (Jun 19, 1996) (Oct 17, 1992)
Thomas Tallis Loquebantur Variis Linguis (Nov 12, 2005)
Charles Wood Hail, gladdening light (Oct 17, 1992) (Andrew Macmillan (organ))

Apr 12, 2014
Carlo Gesualdo Aestimatus sum (Tenebrae Responsories)
Carlo Gesualdo Astiterunt reges terrae (Tenebrae Responsories)
Carlo Gesualdo O vos omnes (Apr 28, 2012) (Nov 19, 2011) (Feb 02, 2002) (Apr 01, 1995)
Carlo Gesualdo Sepulto Domino (Tenebrae Responsories)
James MacMillan Miserere (Soprano solo: Gerraldine Budds, Alto solo: Olivia Tassell, Tenor solo: Simon Kay, Bass solo: Will Kendal)
Thomas Tallis Lamentations (Nov 10, 2007) (Feb 02, 2002) (Mar 15, 1997)
Tomas Luis da Victoria Heth. Misericordiae (from Lamentations)
Tomas Luis da Victoria Incipit oratio Jeremiae (from Lamentations

Feb 1, 2014
Johann Michael Bach Halt, was du hast
Johann Sebastian Bach Komm Jesu komm (Mar 27, 2004) (Apr 01, 1995)
Johann Sebastian Bach Lobet den Herrn (Mar 25, 2000) (Jun 06, 1992) (Apr 04, 1992)
Dietrich Buxtehude Passacaglia in D Minor (Organ Solo, William Whitehead)
Hans Leo Hassler Sixit Maria
Johann Pachelbel Singet dem Herrn
Hieronymus Praetorius Magnificat Quinti Toni (Nov 15, 2008)
Samuel Scheidt Surrexit Christus hodie
Heinrich Schütz Jauchzet dem Herrn

Nov 16, 2013
Benjamin Britten A Hymn to the Virgin (Nov 15, 2008) (Jan 28, 2006) (Dec 09, 2000)
Benjamin Britten Antiphon (Feb 24, 1996)
Benjamin Britten St Nicolas (November 2013, accompanied by the St George's Chamber Orchestra, with Greg Tassell as St Nicolas.)
Gerald Finzi Magnificat (Jan 28, 2006) (November 2013, accompanied by the St George's Chamber Orchestra)
Gustav Holst Nunc dimittis (Oct 11, 1997) (Feb 08, 1997)

Jul 13, 2013
Edgar Bainton In the Wilderness (Setting of Robert Graves)
Gardiner Balfour Evening Hymn
Patrick Hadley My beloved spake (Nov 10, 2007) (Mar 01, 2001) (Apr 03, 1993)
Gustav Holst Dream Tryst
Herbert Howells Like as the Hart (May 19, 2001)
John Ireland The Hills
Robert Pearsall Lay a Garland (Jan 31, 2009) (Jan 19, 2008)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Mass in G Minor (Mar 24, 2007) (Jul 03, 1998) (Oct 11, 1997)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Silence and Music (RVW's response to Stanford's Bluebird, words by his wife.)
William Walton The Twelve (Feb 08, 1997)

Apr 27, 2013
Claude Debussy La Cathédrale Engloutie (Choral transcription by Tom Bullard)
Maurice Duruflé Requiem (Nov 11, 2006) (Nov 02, 1996) (Mar 16, 1991)
Jean Langlais Messe solonnelle (Nov 21, 1998) (Jan 01, 1970)
Francis Poulenc Litanies à la Vierge Noire de Rocamadour (Jan 30, 2010) (Jan 01, 1970)

Feb 2, 2013
George Frideric Handel Joshua (Accompanied by the Sospiri Chamber Orchestra)

Nov 30, 2012
William Mathias Let the people praise thee O God
Tomas Luis da Victoria O Quam Gloriosum (Mar 01, 2012) (Nov 19, 2011)

Nov 17, 2012
Aaron Copland Las Agachadas (arr) (Jan 19, 2008)
Matthew Harris Shakespeare Songs - Book 5 (Oct 31, 2012) (Jul 07, 2012)
James MacMillan Cantos Sagrados
Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla Exsultate Justi in Domino
Ástor Piazzolla Milonga del Angel (arr. Ward Swingle & Tom Bullard (arranged by Ward Swingle & Tom Bullard)
Tomás Torrejón y Velasco Desvelado Dueño Mio
Eric Whitacre I will wade out (Oct 31, 2012)

Jul 7, 2012
Oliver Barton O England
Matthew Harris Shakespeare Songs - Book 3
Frank Martin Songs of Ariel 1-4
George Shearing Songs and Sonnets (Shakespeare) (Jun 18, 2005) (May 18, 2002) (Seven Shakespeare settings)

Apr 28, 2012
Carlo Gesualdo Tribulationem et Dolorem
Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Miserere (Mar 28, 1998)
Frank Martin Mass for double choir (Jun 10, 2000)

Mar 1, 2012
César Franck Panis Angelicus
Franz Schubert Psalm 23 (Feb 04, 2012) (Mar 12, 2005)

Feb 4, 2012
Jonathan Harvey I love the Lord (Feb 24, 1996) (Feb 18, 1995)
Gabriel Jackson O sacrum convivium (Feb 18, 1995)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Vesperae Solonnes de Confessore (Jun 12, 2004) (Nov 21, 1998)

Nov 19, 2011
Gregorio Allegri Miserere (Mar 27, 2004) (Mar 28, 1998)
Antonio Caldara Crucifixus a16
Giovanni Gabrieli Jubilate Deo (Jun 21, 2008)
King of Portugal (attrib) John IV Crux Fidelis (Mar 27, 2004)
Duarte Lobo Pater Peccavi
Antonio Lotti Crucifixus a 8 (Jun 21, 2008) (Mar 27, 2004) (Feb 02, 2002) (Apr 01, 1995)
Cristóbal de Morales Tu es Petrus
Giovanni Palestrina Stabat mater (Jan 28, 2006)
Hieronymus Praetorius Magnificat Quinti Toni (with Christmas interpolations) (Nov 29, 2003)
Heinrich Schütz Selig sind die Toten
Tomas Luis da Victoria Vidi Speciosam a 6

Jul 2, 2011
Edward Bairstow The Oak and the Ash (arr)
John Byrt Among the Leaves (arr)
Edward) Chapman Three Ravens (arr
Percy Grainger I’m Seventeen Come Sunday (arr)
Gustav Holst I love my love (arr) (Jun 23, 2007)
Gustav Holst My Sweetheart’s Like Venus (arr)
Donald James Bushes and Briars (arr)
Jens Klimek I Will Give My Love (arr)
Robert Rice O Waly Waly (arr)
Keith Roberts Early one morning (arr) (Jun 23, 2007)
Keith Roberts Strawberry Fair (arr) (Jun 23, 2007)
John Rutter Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron (arr)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Ca’ the Yowes (arr)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Greensleeves (arr)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Just as the Tide was Flowing (arr)
Ralph Vaughan Williams The Dark-Eyed Sailor (arr)
David Willcocks Afton Water (arr)
David Willcocks Barbara Allen (arr)
David Willcocks Bobby Shaftoe (arr)
David Willcocks Drink to me only with thine eyes (arr)

Apr 9, 2011
Charles Wood St. Mark Passion

Mar 3, 2011
Henry Purcell I was glad (Jun 27, 2009) (May 16, 2009) (Feb 14, 1998)
Thomas Weelkes Let Thy merciful ears, O Lord (Mar 01, 2007)

Feb 5, 2011
George Frideric Handel Samson
Claudio Monteverdi Beatus Vir (Nov 19, 2011) (Mar 12, 2005) (Feb 05, 2000)

Nov 20, 2010
Benjamin Britten Rejoice in the Lamb (Jan 27, 2007) (Nov 13, 1999) (Oct 22, 1994) (Apr 03, 1993)
James MacMillan Mass
John Rutter Psalmfest

Jun 26, 2010
Bob Chilcott The Making of the Drum
David Fanshawe African Sanctus (With tape and band)
Ariel Ramírez Misa Criolla

Mar 27, 2010
Hubert Parry Songs of Farewell: I know my soul hath power to kn (Oct 13, 2001) (Nov 11, 2000)
Hubert Parry Songs of Farewell: Never weather-beaten sail (Oct 13, 2001) (Nov 11, 2000) (Sep 26, 1998) (May 07, 1997)
Samuel Sebastian Wesley Ascribe unto the Lord (Wesley's 200th Anniversary)
Samuel Sebastian Wesley The Wilderness (Oct 28, 1995) (Wesley's 200th Anniversary)
Charles Wood O Thou the Central Orb

Mar 4, 2010
Richard Farrant Lord, for Thy tender mercy's sake (Mar 02, 2006)
John Goss O taste and see

Jan 30, 2010
Francis Poulenc Mass in G
Francis Poulenc Quatre Petites Prières de Saint François d'Assise

Nov 21, 2009
Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Totus Tuus (Jan 28, 2006) (Oct 22, 1994)
Arvo Pärt Bogoroditse Devo
Arvo Pärt The Beatitudes
Krzysztof Penderecki Cherubic Hymn
Serge Rachmaninov Blagosloven yesi Gospodi (Vespers) (Blessed art Thou, O Lord, from the All-night Vigil)
Serge Rachmaninov Blazhen muzh (Vespers) (Blessed is the Man, from the All-night Vigil)
Serge Rachmaninov Otche Nash (Liturgy of St. John Chrysostem) (Our Father, from the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom)
Serge Rachmaninov Svyete tikhi (Vespers) (Gladsome Light, from the All-night Vigil)
Serge Rachmaninov Tebe Poyem (Liturgy of St. John Chrysostem) (We sing to Thee, from the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom)
Serge Rachmaninov Vzbrannoi voyevode (Vespers) (To Thee, the Victorious Leader, from the All-night Vigil)
Igor Stravinsky Ave Maria / Bogoroditse Devo (Feb 02, 2002) (Mar 16, 1991)
John Tavener Funeral Ikos (Mar 29, 2008) (Oct 13, 2001) (Nov 11, 2000)
John Tavener Two hymns to the Mother of God (Jan 28, 2006) (Feb 24, 1996)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Blazhenni yazhe izbral (Liturgy of St John Chrysostom) (Blessed are the Chosen)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Byl u Khrista / Crown of Roses (Legend) (Dec 10, 1994) (Legend)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Khvalite Gospoda (Liturgy of St John Chrysostom) (Praise the Lord, from the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Tebe Poyem (Liturgy of St John Chrysostom) (We sing to Thee, from the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom)

Jun 27, 2009
George Frideric Handel As pants the Hart (With small baroque orchestra)
George Frideric Handel Let God arise (With small baroque orchestra)
Henry Purcell Hear my prayer O Lord (Feb 02, 2002) (Mar 28, 1998)
Henry Purcell Jehova quam multi sunt hostes mei (Mar 12, 2005) (Jun 19, 1996) (Feb 24, 1996)
Henry Purcell O God, thou art my God
Henry Purcell O sing unto the Lord a new song (Nov 21, 1998)

May 16, 2009
Henry Purcell In These Delightful, Pleasant Groves (Jan 31, 2009)

Mar 28, 2009
Morten Lauridsen Lux Aeterna
John Rutter Requiem

Mar 5, 2009
Johann Sebastian Bach Jesu, joy and treasure
Edward Bairstow Save us, O Lord

Jan 31, 2009
Bob Chilcott By and By (arr) (Traditional)
Edward Elgar The prince of sleep
Paul Hart Deep River (arr)
Paul Hart Didn't My Lord (arr)
Gustav Holst Bring us in good ale (arr)
Joseph Jennings Way Over in Beulah Lan' (arr)
Lennon / McCartney Blackbird/I Will (arr. Jonathan Rathbone)
Alan Rawsthorne Weep you no more
Keith Roberts Steal Away (arr)
Mátyás Seiber Three nonsense songs: There Was an Old Man in a Tree
Eric Thiman Go, lovely rose

Nov 15, 2008
Edward Bairstow Let all mortal flesh
Anton Bruckner Virga Jesse floruit (Mar 29, 2008) (Dec 09, 2000)
Tom Bullard O Come O Come Emmanuel (arr) (Arranged by Tom Bullard)
Nicholas Burt Advent Responsory
Bob Chilcott Nova! Nova! (arr) (Arranged)
Otto Goldschmidt A Tender Shoot
Fransisco Guerrero Canite Tuba
Jacob Handl Rorate Coeli
Cristóbal de Morales Veni Domine
Giovanni Palestrina Fuit homo missus a Deo
Michael Praetorius Es Ist Ein Ros' Entsprungen (arr. Cashmore) (Arranged by David Cashmore)
Jonathan Rathbone Gabriel's message (Arranged)
Ralph Vaughan Williams This is the truth sent from above (arr) (Nov 29, 2003)

Jun 21, 2008
Francesco Cavalli Salve Regina
Andrea Gabrieli Sento, Sent’ Un Rumor
Giovanni Gabrieli Lieto Godea
Claudio Monteverdi Adoramus Te, Christe
Claudio Monteverdi Cantate Domino
Claudio Monteverdi Domine, Ne In Furore Tuo
Claudio Monteverdi Lamento d’Arianna
Michael Praetorius Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland
Heinrich Schütz Deutsches Magnificat
Tomas Luis da Victoria Ave Maria (Dec 09, 2000)
Antonio Vivaldi Credo
Antonio Vivaldi Kyrie
Adrian Willaert Mirabile Mysterium

Mar 29, 2008
Anton Bruckner Afferentur Regi
Anton Bruckner Ave Maria (Jan 28, 2006) (Mar 25, 2000) (Mar 16, 1991)
Anton Bruckner Ecce sacerdos magnus
Anton Bruckner Locus iste (Mar 06, 2008) (Mar 06, 2003) (Mar 25, 2000) (Also sung at Paviors Service Feb 2017.)
Anton Bruckner Os justi (Feb 05, 2000)
Igor Stravinsky Mass

Mar 6, 2008
Philip Nicolai All praise to him who came to save (Mar 03, 2005)

Jan 19, 2008
Gordon / Warren Chattanooga Choo Choo (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Jerome Kern All the things you are (arr. Roberts) (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Mercer / Burns / Heram Early Autumn (arr. Roberts)
Thomas Morley April is in my mistress face (Jun 21, 1997)
Thomas Morley Fyer, Fyer! (Jun 21, 1997)
Keith Roberts Shenandoah (arr)
Thomas Tomkins See, see, the shepherd's queen (Jul 15, 1995)
Alan Weakley Botany Bay (arr) (Traditional)
Charles Wood Full Fathom Five

Nov 10, 2007
Aaron Copland In the Beginning
Edward Elgar Give unto the Lord (May 19, 2001)
George Frideric Handel My Heart is Inditing
George Frideric Handel Zadok the Priest
Charles Villiers Stanford For Lo I raise up
Thomas Tomkins When David heard

Jun 23, 2007
Samuel Barber Anthony O Daly (Irish Folksong)
Samuel Barber Mary Hynes (Irish Folksong)
Samuel Barber The Coolin (Irish Folksong)
Burke / Van Heusen Here’s That Rainy Day (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Garland / Razaf In the Mood) (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Gustav Holst Swansea Town (arr)
Cole Porter Too Darn Hot (arr. Keith Roberts) (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Michael Tippett Gwenllian (Welsh Folksong)
Michael Tippett Poortith cauld (Scottish Folksong)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Bushes and Briars (arr) (Nov 23, 1991) (Essex Folksong)
John Wilbye Draw on, Sweet Night

Mar 24, 2007
Herbert Howells Magnificat & Nunc Dimitiis (Gloucester Service)
Kenneth Leighton Awake my Glory
Hubert Parry Blest pair of sirens (Sep 26, 1998)
William Walton Coronation Te Deum (Apr 23, 1994)

Mar 1, 2007
Charles Gounod Ave Verum
Charles Wood Expectans, expectavi

Jan 27, 2007
Johannes Brahms Ach, arme Welt
Johannes Brahms Ich aber bin Elend
Johannes Brahms Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein
Benjamin Britten Deus in adjutorium meum (Nov 03, 1993)
Antonín Dvořák Mass in D (Jul 13, 2002) (Feb 14, 1998)

Nov 11, 2006
Maurice Duruflé Quatre motets sur des thèmes Grégoriens (Mar 25, 2000) (Nov 23, 1991)
Gabriel Fauré Messe Basse
Olivier Messiaen O sacrum convivium (Mar 06, 1999) (Feb 14, 1998)
Pierre Villette Hymne à la Vierge

Jun 17, 2006
George Frideric Handel Dixit Dominus (Jun 19, 1996) (June 2006: 25 Anniversary Concert, accompanied by the Allegri Consort, Baroque Orchestra)
Henry Purcell Welcome to all the pleasures (Nov 09, 2002) (June 2006: 25 Anniversary Concert, accompanied by the Allegri Consort, Baroque Orchestra )

Apr 1, 2006
John Ireland Greater love hath no man (Nov 11, 2000) (Feb 24, 1996)
Kenneth Leighton Let All the World (Apr 23, 1994) (Nov 03, 1993)
Keith Roberts Four Negro Spirituals (arr) (Joshua - Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot - Steal Away - The Gospel Train)
Richard Shephard Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem
Samuel Sebastian Wesley Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace
Eric Whitacre Lux Aurumque

Mar 2, 2006
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Hymn to the Trinity

Jan 28, 2006
Patrick Hadley I Sing of a Maiden
Gustav Holst Ave Maria
Felix Mendelssohn Ave Maria
Arvo Pärt Magnificat (Oct 13, 2001) (Dec 09, 2000) (Oct 22, 1994)
Francis Poulenc Salve Regina

Nov 12, 2005
Jacobus Clemens Ego Flos Campi (Feb 14, 2004)
Fransisco Guerrero Ave Virgo Sanctissima
Jacob Handl Pater Noster
Orlande de Lassus Ave Verum
Giovanni Palestrina Tu es Petrus
Robert Parsons Ave Maria
John Shephard Sacris Solemnis
Thomas Tallis Dum transisset sabbatum
Thomas Tallis If ye love me
Thomas Tallis O Sacrum Convivium
Thomas Tallis Suscipe, quaesto Domine (Feb 24, 1996)
Christopher Tye Omnes Gentes
Robert Whyte Christe Qui Lux Es

Jun 18, 2005
Irving Berlin Blue Skies (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
William Byrd This sweet and merry month of May (Jul 15, 1995)
Goodman / Razaf et al Stompin' at the Savoy (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Jobim / Moraes / Gimbel La Garota da Ipanema (arr. Keith Roberts) (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Mátyás Seiber Three nonsense songs (Jun 21, 1997)
Mátyás Seiber Yugoslav Folk Songs
Thomas Vautor Sweet Suffolk Owl (Jul 15, 1995)
John Ward Come Sable Night (Jul 15, 1995)
John Wilbye Sweet Honey-sucking Bees (Jul 15, 1995)

Mar 12, 2005
Edward Elgar Great is the Lord
Orlando Gibbons O clap your hands (Feb 08, 2003) (Jul 23, 1999) (Jun 19, 1999) (Sep 26, 1998)
George Frideric Handel Nisis Dominus
Heinrich Schütz Alleluia, Lobet den Herren

Mar 3, 2005
Orlando Gibbons Almighty and everlasting God (Feb 24, 1996)

Jan 29, 2005
Arvo Pärt Seven Magnificat antiphons (Nov 13, 1999) (Oct 22, 1994)
Serge Rachmaninov Vespers (All-Night Vigil) (complete)

Nov 20, 2004
Serge Rachmaninov The Cherubic Hymn (Liturgy of St. John Chrysostem)

Jun 12, 2004
Joseph Haydn Nelson Mass

Mar 27, 2004
Anton Bruckner Christus factus est (Oct 28, 1995)
James MacMillan Christus Vincit (Feb 05, 2000) (Feb 24, 1996)
Keith Roberts Lamentation‡
John Stainer The Crucifixion: God so loved the world
Tomas Luis da Victoria Caligaverunt oculi mei
Tomas Luis da Victoria Eram quasi agnus
Tomas Luis da Victoria Tenebrae factae sunt

Mar 4, 2004
Edward Elgar Jesu, word of God incarnate
Christopher Tye O come ye servants of the Lord

Feb 14, 2004
Fever Davenport / Cooley 2009-01-31 (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Edward Elgar My love dwelt in a northern land
Elton John / Taupin Your Song (arr) (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
George Gershwin In the Still of the Night (Arranged by Keith Roberts)
Josquin des Pres Mille Regrets
Claude LeJeune Revoici Venir le Printemps
Thomas Morley My bonny lass, she smileth (Jul 15, 1995)
Henry Purcell My beloved spake
Keith Roberts O Waly Waly (arr)
John Wilbye Weep Weep mine eyes (Jul 15, 1995)
Young / Heyman Love Letters (arr. Roberts) (Arranged by Keith Roberts)

Nov 29, 2003
Marc-Antoine Charpentier Messe de Minuit
Mateo Flecha Riu Riu Chiu
Giovanni Gabrieli O magnum mysterium
James MacMillan Seinte Marie Moder Milde (Dec 09, 2000) (Dec 07, 1996)
Robert Pearsall In Dulci Jubilo (arr) (Arranged by Pearsall)
Heinrich Schütz Hodie Christus Natus Est
Traditional Angelus ad Virginem
Traditional Coventry Carol
Traditional Nova! Nova!
Traditional There is no rose

Jun 14, 2003
Gerald Finzi I have loved flowers that fade (7 poems of Robert Bridges No 2)
Percy Grainger Irish tune from County Derry (arr) (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Percy Grainger Mo nighean dhu (arr) (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Percy Grainger O mistress mine (arr) (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Percy Grainger Ye banks and braes (arr) (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Richard Lloyd All so still (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Richard Lloyd Christ is the morning star (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Richard Lloyd Drop down ye heavens (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Richard Lloyd Hosanna (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Richard Lloyd The windows (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Richard Lloyd Virtue (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)
Richard Lloyd Were you there? (Andrew Kennedy farewell concert)

Apr 5, 2003
Edward Elgar The music makers
Felix Mendelssohn Hymn of Praise

Mar 6, 2003
Orlande de Lassus Adoremus te Christe

Feb 8, 2003
Felix Mendelssohn Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe
Felix Mendelssohn Erhaben, o Herr, über alles Lob (Sechs Sprüche Op.79 No. 3 Am Himmelsfahrtstage)
Felix Mendelssohn Frohlocket ihr Völker auf Erden (Dec 09, 2000) (Sechs Sprüche Op.79 No. 1 Weihnachten)
Felix Mendelssohn Heilig, heilig ist Gott der Herr Zebaoth
Felix Mendelssohn Herr Gott, du bist unsre Zuflucht (Sechs Sprüche Op.79 No. 2 Am Neujahrstag)
Felix Mendelssohn Herr, gedenke nicht unsrer Übeltaten (Sechs Sprüche Op.79 No. 4 In der Passionszeit)
Felix Mendelssohn Kyrie eleison
Felix Mendelssohn Lasset uns frohlocken (Sechs Sprüche Op.79 No. 5 Im Advent)
Felix Mendelssohn Psalm 20 Warum toben die Heiden
Felix Mendelssohn Psalm 43 Richte mich, Gott
Felix Mendelssohn Psalm 100 Jauchzet dem Herrn
Felix Mendelssohn Um unsrer Sünden willen (Sechs Sprüche Op.79 No. 6 Am Karfreitag)

Nov 9, 2002
Giacomo Carissimi Jephte (With Baroque orchestra)

Jul 13, 2002
Ralph Vaughan Williams Five Mystical Songs (Apr 23, 1994) (Nov 03, 1993)

May 18, 2002
Ralph Vaughan Williams Cotswold Romance (arr. Jacobson)

Mar 7, 2002
Johann Sebastian Bach Jesu, joy of man's desiring
Grayston Ives Listen, sweet love (Nov 03, 1993)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Let us now praise famous men

Feb 2, 2002
Carl Orff Carmina burana (excerpts)

Oct 13, 2001
Kenneth Leighton Drop drop slow tears (Feb 18, 1995)

May 19, 2001
William Boyce O where shall wisdom be found? (Feb 24, 1996)
Jonathan Harvey Come Holy Ghost (Feb 08, 1997) (Apr 03, 1993)
Joseph Haydn The heavens are telling (Creation)
John Joubert There is no Rose of such Virtue (Dec 07, 1996) (Dec 10, 1994)
Herbert Sumsion They that go down to the sea in ships
Ernst Toch Geographical fugue (Jun 05, 1993)

Mar 17, 2001
Peter Aston Haec Dies
Johann Sebastian Bach St John Passion: At the Sepulchre & Final Chorale
Boris Ord Adam lay ybounden (Dec 10, 1994)
William Walton A Litany

Mar 1, 2001
Ludwig van Beethoven The heavens proclaim him

Dec 9, 2000
William Byrd Beata Virgo
William Byrd O magnum mysterium
Jacob Handl Omnes de saba venient
Herbert Howells A spotless rose (Dec 16, 1992) (Oct 17, 1992) (Dec 10, 1994)
Francis Poulenc Quatre motets pour le temps de Noël (Nov 13, 1999)
Hieronymus Praetorius In Dulci Jubilo
Michael Praetorius Quem pastores laudavere

Nov 11, 2000
Herbert Howells Hymnus Paradisi (excerpts)
Tomas Luis da Victoria Missa pro defunctis

Jun 10, 2000
Francis Poulenc Un soir de neige

Mar 25, 2000
William Byrd Miserere mei (Mar 28, 1998)
Georg Schumann Das ist ein köstliches Ding
Georg Schumann Herr, erhöre meine Worte
Georg Schumann Komm Heil'ger Geist

Mar 2, 2000
Franz Liszt Missa Choralis (excerpts) (Mar 06, 1999)
Paul Rhys The corner stone‡ (Premièred by the Allegri Singers)
Gioacchino Rossini O salutaris Hostia (1863) (Mar 06, 1999) (From his 1863 'Petite messe solonnelle')
Ralph Vaughan Williams O clap your hands all ye people (Nov 13, 1999) (Apr 03, 1993) (Oct 17, 1992)

Feb 5, 2000
John Dunstable Sancta Maria
Josquin des Pres Ave Maria .. Virgo Serena (Sep 22, 1991) (Mar 16, 1991)
Orlande de Lassus Timor et Tremor
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Missa Brevis in F K192
Giovanni Palestrina Exsultate Deo
Serge Rachmaninov Bogoroditsye Dyevo (Vespers)
Various Motets from the 10th to 14th centuries
Various Plainsong / 2 & 3 part organum (Mar 06, 1999) (Feb 24, 1996)
Wipo of Burgundy Victimae Paschali Laudes

Nov 13, 1999
Zoltan Kodály Missa Brevis (excerpts) (Mar 06, 1999)
Krzysztof Penderecki Stabat Mater
Arnold Schoenberg Friede auf Erden (Oct 28, 1995)

Jul 23, 1999
John Blitheman Il pace
Diana Burrell Ave verum corpus‡ (Sep 26, 1998) (May 02, 1998) (Premiered by the Allegri Singers)
William Byrd Magnificat (Great Service) (Jun 19, 1999)
William Byrd Nunc dimittis (Great Service)
Stephen Oliver Trinity mass (excerpts) (Mar 06, 1999)
Robert Walker Theology (Jun 21, 1997)
Philip Wilby A peace prayer (Jun 19, 1999)
Philip Wilby Vox Dei (Jun 19, 1999) (Feb 18, 1995)

Jun 19, 1999
Sydney Carter Lord of the dance (arr)
Gustav Holst This have I done for my true love (Oct 11, 1997)

Mar 6, 1999
William Byrd Justorum animae (Nov 02, 1996)
Joseph Haydn Mass in D minor (excerpts)
Orlande de Lassus Missa bel’ amfitrit altera (excerpts)
Claudio Monteverdi Christe adoramus te
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Missa Brevis in F K192: Credo
Giovanni Palestrina Missa aeterna Christi munera (excerpts)

Dec 16, 1998
Malcolm Archer I saw three ships (arr)
Malcolm Archer Lute book lullaby (Dec 09, 1995)
Walford Davies Christmas is coming (arr)
Johann Ebeling All my heart this night rejoices
Gerald Finzi In terra pax
Alan Ridout See to us a child is born
John Sanders Whence is that goodly fragrance? (arr) (Dec 07, 1996)
Richard Terry Myn Liking
Arthur Warrell A Merry Christmas (arr)

Jul 3, 1998
William Harris Strengthen ye the weak hands

May 2, 1998
Diana Burrell Be thy right hand, O God, under my head (2 blessings)
Diana Burrell Benedicam Dominum
Diana Burrell Christo paremus cantica (Dec 09, 1995) (Dec 10, 1994)
Diana Burrell Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire
Diana Burrell Creator of the stars of night
Diana Burrell Heil’ger Geist in’s Himmels Throne
Diana Burrell Hymn to wisdom
Diana Burrell Wisdom of serpent be thine (2 blessings) (Feb 18, 1995)
Edvard Grieg Four psalms Op 74

Mar 28, 1998
Brian Chapple Miserere mei

Feb 14, 1998
Joseph Haydn Insanae et vanae curae
Giovanni Palestrina Missa Papae Marcelli
Henry Purcell Zadoc the priest
Tomas Luis da Victoria Requiem a 6 (extracts)

Dec 13, 1997
George Frideric Handel Messiah

Oct 11, 1997
Herbert Howells Salve Regina
Herbert Howells The scribe
Thomas Morley Agnus Dei

Jun 21, 1997
Terence Allbright Never Again (3 madrigals with words by Stevie Smith)
Michael East Quick, quick, away, dispatch!
Giles Farnaby Construe my meaning
John Gardner Loveliest of trees‡ (Jun 05, 1993) (Apr 04, 1992) (Premiered by the Allegri Singers)
Orlando Gibbons What is our life?
Gordon Langford Bobby Shaftoe (arr) (Nov 23, 1991)
Thomas Morley Leave, alas, this tormenting
Thomas Weelkes Thule, the period of cosmography

May 7, 1997
Johannes Brahms Schaffe in mir Gott ein rein Herz
Richard Strauss Deutsche Motette (Oct 28, 1995)

Mar 15, 1997
John Stainer The Crucifixion

Feb 8, 1997
Arnold Bax I sing of a maiden
Michael Berkeley The Lord is my shepherd
Benjamin Britten Te Deum Laudamus in C (May 11, 1991)
Herbert Howells Behold O God our defender
Brian Inglis O Noblissima Viriditas‡ (Jul 03, 1996) (Premiered by the Allegri Singers)
Giles Swayne Nunc dimittis
Ralph Vaughan Williams Praise to the Father of Heaven

Dec 7, 1996
Malcolm Archer Love came down (Dec 10, 1994)
Jonathan Harvey The angels (Dec 09, 1995)
Richard Lloyd The mother of Jesus (arr)
Michael Nicholas ’Twas in the year that King Uzziah died
Michael Nicholas A little child on the earth has been born
Ralph Vaughan Williams Fantasia on Christmas carols (Dec 10, 1994)

Nov 2, 1996
William Byrd O quam gloriosum

Oct 5, 1996
Anton Bruckner Mass No.2 in E minor
Paul Patterson Magnificat
Paul Patterson Missa Brevis
Robert Walker As the apple tree
Robert Walker Dance my heart

Jul 3, 1996
Alan Bullard The windhover (from Choristers of Flight)‡ (Composers' workshop - première)
Martin Bussey The evening hymn of King Charles I ‡ (Composers' workshop - première)
Antony le Fleming Save me O God‡ (Composers' workshop - première)
John Reeman The hand that made us is divine‡ (Composers' workshop - première)
David Terry Nunc dimittis‡ (Composers' workshop - première)

Jun 19, 1996
Henry Purcell My heart is inditing

Mar 16, 1996
Arvo Pärt St John Passion (Passio)

Feb 24, 1996
Jonathan Battishill O Lord, look down from heaven
John Dunstable Veni sancte spiritus
Herbert Howells Te Deum - Collegium Regale (Jan 03, 1993)
Charles Villiers Stanford Magnificat & Nunc Dimitis in G (Apr 03, 1993)
John Taverner Western wynde mass
Samuel Sebastian Wesley Cast me not away from thy presence

Dec 9, 1995
Malcolm Archer Ballulalow
Benjamin Britten Christ’s Nativity
Michael Nicholas Today, maiden Mary (arr)
Edmund Walters Little camel boy
Charles Wood Hail, blessed Virgin Mary (arr)

Jul 15, 1995
Michael Cavendish Come, gentle swains
John Farmer Fair nymphs, I heard one telling
Herbert Murrill Two songs from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (Jun 12, 1994)
Malcolm Sargent Little David, play on your harp (arr)
Thomas Weelkes Come, Sirrah Jack, ho!
Thomas Weelkes O care, thou wilt despatch me
Thomas Weelkes Thus sings my dearest jewel

Apr 1, 1995
John Tavener Lament of the Mother of God
Ralph Vaughan Williams O vos omnes

Feb 18, 1995
Herbert Howells One thing have I desired of the Lord
Michael Nicholas Prayer of Saint Benedict
Stephen Oliver O fons amoris
Edmund Rubbra Miss in honorem Sancti Dominici (extracts)
Giles Swayne Magnificat anima mea
Michael Tippett Plebs angelica

Dec 10, 1994
Brian Kelly I sing of a maiden‡
Richard Lloyd Dormi Jesu
Michael Nicholas Wexford Carol (arr)
Michael Nicholas Where is this stupendous stranger?
John Tavener Today a Virgin
Richard Terry As Joseph was a-walking
Judith Weir Illuminare Jerusalem
Charles Wood Ding, dong merrily on high (arr)

Oct 22, 1994
Benjamin Britten Amo ergo sum (Wedding anthem)
Benjamin Britten Festival Te Deum in E (Jan 05, 1992) (Sep 21, 1991)

Jun 12, 1994
Franz Schubert Der Tanz
Franz Schubert Schicksalslenker
John Tavener The tiger

Apr 23, 1994
Benjamin Britten Missa Brevis
Francis Grier The Lord goes up with shouts of joy (Sequence for the Ascension)
Paul Kelly Ave Maria‡
John Tavener The call

Dec 15, 1993
Peter Aston Dormi, Jesu
Hugo Cole Deck the hall (arr)
Louis Halsey Rejoice and be merry (arr)‡
John Joubert Here we come a-wassailing (arr)
John Joubert Torches
Robert Kendell Ave, decus seculi‡
Kenneth Leighton Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child
Anthony Milner Out of your sleep, arise
Gregory Rose Manger Carol‡
Charles Villiers Stanford Magnificat in A
Antonin Tucapsky A child is born
Ralph Vaughan Williams Withers Rocking Carol
William Walton Make we joy now in this feast
Malcolm Williamson The Boars Head Carol (arr)

Nov 3, 1993
Arthur Benjamin Three mystical songs
Herbert Howells Requiem

Jun 5, 1993
Belá Bartók Four Slovak Folksongs
Edward Elgar The fountain
Edward Elgar The shower
Gerald Finzi White-flowering days
Zoltan Kodály Norwegian girls
Francis Poulenc C'est la petit'fill'du prince
Alan Rawsthorne Canzonel
Edmund Rubbra Salutation
John Rutter Five childhood lyrics
Randall Thompson Alleluia

Jun 3, 1993
Gustav Holst Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (arr)

Jun 1, 1993
Betty Roe Music's Empire (Recording session in June 1993 with Louis Halsey)
Betty Roe Two River Songs (Recording session in June 1993 with Louis Halsey)

Apr 3, 1993
Michael Berkeley Easter
Gerald Finzi God is gone up (Nov 30, -0001)
Alan Gibbs Benedicta sit Sancta Trinitas
William Mathias Make a joyful noise (Jubilate Deo)

Jan 3, 1993
Peter Racine Fricker A babe is born all of a may (Dec 16, 1992)
Herbert Howells Jubilate Deo (Collegium Regale) (Dec 16, 1992)

Dec 16, 1992
John Gardner When Christ was born of Mary free
Louis Halsey Missa Brevis: Gloria‡
Herbert Howells Magnificat & Nunc Dimitiis (Collegium Regale) (Oct 17, 1992)
Reginald Jacques Rejoice and be merry (arr)
Kenneth Leighton O leave your sheep (arr)
Peter Maxwell Davies Ave Maria
Peter Maxwell Davies Hail, blessed power
Betty Roe The holly and the ivy‡
Peter Warlock Benedicamus Domino (May 01, 1992) (Recording Session)
Malcolm Williamson Ding, dong merrily on high (arr)

Oct 18, 1992
Herbert Howells Mine eyes for beauty pine
Herbert Howells O pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Oct 17, 1992
Herbert Brewer Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in D
Herbert Howells Here is the little door
Herbert Howells Sing lullaby

Jun 6, 1992
Benjamin Britten Chorale for unaccompanied chorus
Benjamin Britten Jubilate Deo in C (Jan 05, 1992)
Claudio Monteverdi Mass for 4 voices (1651)
Giles Swayne Missa Tiburtina

May 10, 1992
Peter Warlock I saw a fair maiden (Recording Session)

May 1, 1992
Peter Warlock Carillon, Carilla (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock Out of the Orient crystal skies (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock Song for Christmas Day (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock The Birds (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock The first mercy (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock The five lesser joys of Mary (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock The rich cavalcade (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock The sycamore tree (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock Tyrley Tyrlow (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock What cheer? Good cheer! (Recording Session)
Peter Warlock Where riches is everlastingly (Recording Session)

Apr 4, 1992
John Gardner Cantata for Easter

Nov 23, 1991
Aaron Copland Ching-a-Ring Chaw (arr Irving Fine) (I bought me a cat)
Louis Halsey Ye banks and braes (arr)
Orlande de Lassus Jubilate Deo
Cole Porter Night and Day (arr. Ken Naylor) (Arranged by Ken Naylor)
John Rutter It was a lover and his lass
Harry Warren Lullaby of Broadway (arr Ken Naylor)
Malcolm Williamson Symphony for Voices

Sep 22, 1991
Benjamin Britten Venite Exultemus Domino
Marc-Antoine Charpentier O Sacrum Convivium
John Farmer Lord's Prayer (Mar 16, 1991)
Gerald Finzi All this night
Peter Maxwell Davies Lord's Prayer (Mar 16, 1991)
Henry Purcell Beati Omnes
Henry Purcell Qui Timent Dominum

Sep 21, 1991
William Walton Missa Brevis (May 11, 1991)

May 11, 1991
Geoffrey Burgon Short Mass
John Tavener Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (Collegium Regale)